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Where can I find Natural Harvest Gourmet Pickles?

Q. I recently had Ted's Montana Grill Pickles and they were delicious. I was told they were Natural Harvest Gourmet pickles. Is that so and what type of pickle are they ?

A. Yes, they are! Ted serves our Green Half Sour Pickle and we are getting lots of rave reviews from many of Ted Turner's customers and we are so pleased with all of the positive feedback.

Q. What brand are Ruby Tuesday's pickles?

A. That's a great question. Patriot Pickle supplies Ruby Tuesdays pickles. Patriot is our parent company and Natural Harvest is their gourmet retail brand.

Q. Where can I find Natural Harvest Gourmet Pickles in my area?

A. Simply go to our locations tab and see if we're in your neighborhood.
If not, please contact us at info@NaturalHarvestGourmet.com or 1-866-DILLPIK and we will do our best to get into your local market.

Our Packaging

Q. How do I open your containers?

A. When you shop for our Natural Harvest Pickles and Sauerkraut products in the store or online, we have a tight re-usable safety lid. The lid you find in markets and stores is not like the lid you would find on a Wonton Soup Container from your favorite Chinese takeout. Our retail lids have a safety seal which is removed before opening our product. You simply snap off the safety seal, and then you can securely open our container. When closing our containers simply listen for the "SNAP" while pressing firmly along the outer edge of the lid in order to properly close and secure it into place! This will maintain freshness.


Q. How is your Product shipped and how do you guarantee a fresh delivery?

A. Our products require optimal refrigeration and cooling in order to maintain freshness. All products are packed in Insulated Styrofoam boxes with Ice packs to maintain freshness. Also, all products are shipped via UPS. The pickles are made fresh and shipped on Mondays Only !

Q. What happens with shipments that go to places that are warm like Arizona, Florida or the Southern Parts of the United States?

A. In warmer climates we know that our freshness standards may be compromised. We would recommend overnight shipping to ensure that our product is appropriately chilled. Shipments to cooler climates ( temperatures of 70 degrees or less) would require standard shipping.

Q. From the time I place my order, when will my order ship?

A. In order to maintain the highest quality of our products, we ship orders on Mondays, weekly. If you have placed an order prior to Tuesday & you've chosen Next Day Air or 2nd Day Air, your order will ship that same week. Any orders placed after 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday's ship the following Monday. Most orders are delivered within 2-4 days, via UPS Ground.

The Natural Harvest Commitment to our Loyal Customers!

Natural Harvest guarantees that all of our gourmet products are fresh. If you are unsatisfied with any item, we will refund or replace it without hassle. We simply ask that you contact us within 5 business days of having received your order.